What’s Coming for Construction

Last week’s bauma Media Dialog was a good introduction into what is coming to the show in April—and this is just the beginning. A bevy of announcements demonstrate how equipment and technology are evolving, leading to a smarter, safer, and more productive jobsite.

Productivity in Extreme Temperatures
Consider the example of Cleanfix. Company founder Ludwig H?gele opened an agricultural machinery shop near Schw?bisch Gmünd, Germany, in 1958. H?gele GmbH was established in 1990 and then the Cleanfix reversible fan was developed in 1998.

This is essential because extreme conditions in the construction industry create big challenges for radiators and cooling systems. The blades of a Cleanfix fan rotate on their own axis to change pitch and to reverse, through the cross position. As part of the event last week, Cleanfix announced a reversible fan for Volvo excavator EC750E is relied on by SMT Netherlands BV. With this in place, the productivity of the machine will be increased.
New Equipment Galore
Perhaps some of the biggest news is the launch of advanced equipment from many of the manufacturers. One examples comes from Bell Equipment, which will add a model to its articulated 4×4 two-axle ADTs. The company says it is designed to be efficient and cost-effective for niche applications in the mining and construction industry.

As another example, Cummins has made a few big releases as well. For instance, it announced it will feature an electric prototype mini excavator in April. This is designed to support a full work shift and charge in under three hours, while also eliminating all gaseous emissions and substantially reducing noise.

These are two big trends to keep an eye on: reducing emission and noise. Cummins is also continuing to release Stage V products that come with more power and torque and are less complex and easier to install, while requiring less service.
Another example of a company that is focusing on reducing cab noise is Eaton. The company has announced the ASV60 Steering Valve, which is compact and modular to help reduce that noise and improve machine flexibility and intelligence. It allows machine designers to tailor equipment steering to the operator’s driving habits—and sets the foundation for more autonomous vehicles.
Digitization in Manufacturing and Construction
Another big movement to keep an eye on is the growth of intelligent operation in manufacturing operations and precast production.

Elematic made a big announcement in this area. The company is introducing several digital solutions for precast production. For instance, the WallMES systems is a new, advanced plant control solution for precast production and can take panel design information in directly from BIM (building information modeling) systems.

The new Elematric Extruder E9 offers high casting speed, automatic compaction control, and bouncing prevention. Additionally, it has an advanced touchscreen user interface and a smart concrete recycling option.

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