CRM’s Message

Platform provides a level of abstraction between machines and humans, who must get useful work out of them. Inventing the platform was like inventing the power loom or the printing press. It was a way to separate the creative effort from rote production. I’ve gone so far as to say that the platform-based CRM system […]

A guide to buying Bluetooth speakers

Wireless speakers have quickly gained popularity, and almost every major electronics retailer has a wireless model of any kind. Speakers vary greatly in terms of size, shape, and even type of wireless connection they use, But the list will probably have a speaker that’s right for you. However, before anything else, you need to determine […]

Top technologies of 2019

The Gartner Research Institute recently announced and published a list of 5 Trend Top Technology in 2019. Researchers at the Gartner Research Institute recently published a new and updated list of five top technology and technology in the coming year and then briefly reviewed each of them. According to a report published on the Business […]

Phone innovations in 2019

It looks like the smartphone market is hotter than ever before, and technology giants around the world are looking to implement new innovations in the product, which has now become an integral part of everyday life. According to Gizmag, for a year, flagship handsets from the world’s top brands are a notch, but nothing has […]

Do we really need more than three cameras on phones?

The number of camera phones is increasing day by day. The year 2018 was the starting point for launching phones with three cameras. First, Huawei created such a trend and Then LG joined the field with the V40. Meanwhile, Samsung is the only company that thinks three cameras are not enough, and the company launched […]

LG’s new patent packs a smartphone with a 16-inch camera module

LG’s new patent offers smartphone development with the 16-inch camera module by LG. The main camera of the smartphone will have unique features. Many years ago, smartphones were introduced to the market, which lacked a camera. But these days we see the introduction of smartphones with dual, triple, and even quad-core cameras. Apparently, the process […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review, which is set to challenge its rivals with features like Bluetooth pen, 512-gigabyte memory, and efficient camera. The Galaxy Note has quickly established its name on the market in its early years, due to its traces of interacting with the handset; large handsets, functional pen, and the flagship hardware of […]