Intel’s new PC in the size of a credit card with a Core i5 processor and 4 gigabytes of RAM

Apparently, Intel plans to build a Core i5-based computer in the size of a credit card.

Computers are shrinking day by day. It is common for Intel to offer a very small number of credit cards. These computers, which have the same capabilities as desktop computers, can be equipped with a variety of processors, with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal SSD.

These computers, which are supposed to come in the name of the Compute Card, are in fact an alternative to Compute Stick. Unlike other pocket PCs such as Raspberry Pi, Intel’s new product has all the capabilities of a fully-fledged computer. In fact, the purpose of the designers of this product was to make the computer modular and functional. With the help of these computers, you can easily update your smart card or laptop by simply replacing a new card with a new one.

Given the greater capabilities of these computers compared to products such as Raspberry Pi, the target market for Intel’s new product will not be limited to hackers and hardware enthusiasts. These computers will use dual-quad core processors, including the sixth generation Intel Celeron N3450 or Pentium N4200 processor, or seventh-generation processors such as the M3-7Y30 and i5-7Y57. In addition, the highest-end GPUs offered are Intel HD-based with a maximum frequency of 3.3 GHz. The power consumption will not exceed 4.5 watts, which allows processing without overheating.
In terms of memory, the models that are equipped with older Apollo Lake processors will have 64GB of eMMC memory, while the Kaby Lake series processor models use 128GB of SSD.

Since these computers are designed to be provided to Intel’s manufacturers and partners, they lack the standard communications port, such as a USB port. However, it is said that with the help of a special port, it is said that it will be possible to connect these computers to any device. By adding a wireless module, it is also possible to connect these computers to other devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

These computers are designed to be used as main computing sets in larger computers (such as laptops and personal computers) as well as smart appliances. The price of this product is said to be in the range of $ 150 (on lower models) to $ 500 (on higher models).

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