MacBook Air 2018

The Apple MacBook Air’s 2018 website is considered a laptop by the company, which, despite the new features, delivers high-endurance and high portability.

After a long wait, the company finally unveiled a new generation of MacBook Air with a lot of updates during Apple’s hardware rally on November 8th. The MacBook Air 2018 has changed in a variety of ways. From a spectacular Retina screen to hardware upgrades and the use of new elements in the design of this lightweight and slim laptop, they all have come to the best of one of the most beautiful laptops in the market. Now we’re going to check out the MacBook Air 2018 from Apple’s website.

A style is like a fill


Apple’s favorite MacBook is back to keep you entertained. Our slim, slim and new MacBook Air brings the Retina Display, the Touch Identity Security feature, the latest generation of Projection Keyboard and Front Pad, which, along with a fully recyclable aluminum body, turns it into the greenest MacBook of History.

Retina display; 4 million pixels, brilliant start

With an increase of 4x the number of pixels compared to HD displays, the result is truly amazing. Photos and images have come to a new stage in detail and realism. The texts are as clear as possible as if you read emails, documents, and content of websites on real papers, and if you increase the color space by 48%, whatever you see is richer and livelier. The screen margins are also down by 50% compared to the previous generation, which makes the edges of the screen closer to the body so that you focus on what you see. This display will make you entertained.

Touch Id; Your fingerprint is your password

Enhanced security and ease of use The Touch ID has now come to the MacBook Air. Simply put your finger on the touchpad and lock the Mac. Use your fingerprint regularly to access documents, notes, and system settings to get rid of any password you enter. Even online shopping is even easier. When paying, choose Apple Pay to pay just one touch. There’s no longer any need to enter card information and billing since with your Touch ID your private information will be safer than ever.

T2 security chip


The new MacBook Air comes with a T2 security chip, specifically designed by Apple. The second generation of this chip helps you keep your MacBook Air safer than ever before, so when you use Touch ID for online payments, log-in to your Mac or viewing your documents, your information stays in jeopardy. By instantaneous data encryption, all data is placed on the device’s SSD memory, and all of them are automatically unencrypted with encryption. In addition to all of these, the chip provides an opportunity to get familiar with the Hey Siri command, which is always ready to run apps, find documents, play music and answer your questions on the MacBook Air.

The keyboard is redesigned

The newest generation of MacBook Air is powered by its proprietary chassis mechanism, which is four times more robust than the traditional one; secondly, it brings even better convenience and responsiveness. Independent backlighting for the keyboard also allows you to easily type in even dimly lit environments.

Efficiency; all-in-one for the whole day

With all of this, the new MacBook Air weighs only 1.2 kilograms and you can easily hold it. The eighth generation of IntelĀ® Core i5 processors will be your daily activity, from reading emails to web browsing, making presentations and editing in iMovie. 16GB of RAM offers you the power to keep multiple applications open at a time; while 1.5TB of SSD storage runs all in one eye and distributes a large amount of storage space for documents, Images and video.
Battery life


With a 12-hour MacBook Air, this device will be the same throughout the day. Without connecting your device to your electricity, see your emails, surf the web, make online purchases, and complete your documents. Do you have long air travel? Prepare your movies because the MacBook Air 2018 is capable of streaming video for 13 hours.

MacOS; Simplicity of Power

MacOS is a system that will be the power of all your activities on a Mac computer. This operating system allows you to do things that are impossible on other computers because we designed it exclusively for our device. The new macOS version of the Mojave has a new feature that will inspire most users.

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