5 Premium Features of OxygenOS User Interface

Many of the Android-based manufacturer companies have developed their own custom interface, but among these companies, the OxygenOS user interface used in VanPlus phones has a lot of fans. This interface is not only very similar to pure Android but also has many useful features compared to pure Android. Let’s take a look at the 5 best features of the OxygenOS user interface.

App locker


The app locker helps you keep important apps out of the eyes of curious people. This means you need to use a pin code or fingerprint sensor to use any of these applications, and this feature can be enabled for all the apps on the phone.

This OxygenOS user interface feature is very useful. For example, you can enable it for financial apps so that nobody listens to it and this feature is also useful for messenger apps and photo galleries. To use this feature, go to Setting, then Security & lock screen, and finally the App Locker, and type in the required PIN. After that, multiply the Add apps and select the apps you want. It also can hide the content of notifications related to the apps.

Motion gestures


The OxygenOS user interface supports various motion gestures that can be used when the monitor is turned on or off. Motion gestures for the bright display, replacing home buttons, back and multitasking make the appearance of the user interface simpler.

When this attribute is active, the swipe up from the middle of the lower part sends the user to the home screen; to return to the previous environment, you can swipe to the right of the bottom-up section, and to view the multitasking section, you must move from the center of the lower part to the top Swipe and hold your finger. Perhaps such gestures are complex at first, but they can be learned very quickly.

After unveiling the Oneplus 6T, Oneplus unveiled new OxygenOS user interface gestures. One of these motion gestures is the movement between the two applications that were last used. To do this, you must first swipe upwards and then move your finger to the right.

Another feature introduced with Oneplus 6T is activating the Google Assistant by holding down the power button for half a second. This means if you want to see the power menu, you should press the button longer than usual.

The gestures of the silent screen are much simpler, but they are largely fruitful. These gestures allow the user to draw the letters O, V, S, M or W when the display is off, with the finger on the display, and the desired applications are executed.

This feature is very useful for items like flashlights, cameras, or apps you want to run quickly. Of course, these gestures are not limited to these. For example, when playing music to play the previous or next song, you can draw the <or> characters with your finger on the screen.



A shelf is a productivity tool that is located next to the home screen. In this section, you can see things like the current climate, write notes, and get access to the contacts and apps you want quickly. It also includes a dashboard section that displays information such as free storage space, current battery charge, and the remaining volume of the mobile Internet package.

This part of the OxygenOS user interface is partially customizable. You can place widgets for installed apps in this section and you can clear widgets that you do not need. Of course, there is no control over the display of contacts because this section is displayed in the Shelf section of five to ten people that you last called.

All in all, the Shelf is a very attractive feature. To access some information or do some things, instead of going to different sections, you go to the Shelf section on the screen saver and you can do the things you want. If you’re not using this feature, you can disable it.

Gaming and Smart Boost


Another feature of OxygenOS’s gaming interface is that while playing games, it eliminates distraction factors so that users focus more on their gaming experience. Apart from alarms and calls, this feature takes other notifications and deactivates the capacitive buttons so that the user’s hands do not accidentally hit them. In newer phones, you can turn off the auto-brightness of the display during play.

To enable this feature, see Setting, then Advanced / Utilities and finally Gaming mode. In this section, you can see various options like Lock buttons to disable the buttons and Block notifications to block notifications. After that, specify the games you want to use for this feature. Meanwhile, this feature can be enabled for apps like YouTube, so you can watch long videos without interruption.

The Oneplus 6T has a new feature called Smart Boost, which is currently only compatible with a limited number of games and apps. Oneplus says the feature will improve the performance of the games by 5 to 20 percent, and will soon support more games and apps.

Parallel applications


This OxygenOS user interface feature is welcomed by people who use different accounts for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. So instead of logging out from the apps you’ve regularly logged in and entered your other account, you can create a similar version so you can use both of your accounts at the same time.

To use this feature, first, go to Setting, then go to Apps and finally go to Parallel Apps to see apps that support this feature. Then by activating the option for the app, a new version will be created and you can enter your other account.

Among the apps that support this feature, we can point to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Quora and many more.

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