Galaxy S-10 and Samsung’s tiltable phone; the only promising opportunities for the DJ Koh

DJ Koh, CEO of the Samsung Mobile Division, said he looks forward to the successful sale of Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphones and Samsung’s smartphone.

Samsung’s record operating profit forecast in the summer of 2018 indicated that Samsung made the most revenue during the two-year period during the July-September quarter. However, the Samsung smartphone market is worrying.

The competitive position of Chinese brands and Apple’s steady domination in this sector has made Samsung try to maintain its market share and profit. In the past, Samsung has taken many steps to address the challenges faced by the smartphone market, but this results in a disappointing situation to this day.


Despite the fact that Samsung introduced several great products this year, these products also failed to change the status of the Korean company in the smartphone market. According to The Korea Herald, DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung Mobile, hopes to introduce the Galaxy S 10 in the near future, as well as the introduction of the company’s stylish smartphone, to change the status of the Samsung mobile division. The Samsung Galaxy S6 looks like the Galaxy S10 smartphone and stylish smartphone. Part of the report published by DJ Koh refers to this issue:

I’m sorry about the challenging situation in the business segment of Samsung smartphones. We will try our best to help us overcome this critical situation by introducing the Galaxy S10 and Samsung’s stylish smartphone.

The message comes as rumors of Samsung’s corporate restructuring come to the hand at the end of the year, and fears that DJ Koh’s position will be in a state of threatening.

The report also said that Samsung’s current vice chairman Lee Jae Young criticized DJ Koh, due to the critical situation in the smartphone market, after a trip to a store in Europe. While some informants inside the company see such a statement as an indication of Samsung’s growing concern about the smartphone business as well as DJ Koh’s position; others believe that the comment made in this report should not be too much to be analyzed.

The exact time of the Galaxy S10 and the company’s stylish smartphone is not yet clear. But according to the company’s published news and routine, it is expected to introduce these products before the end of the first season of 2019. However, in order to fully analyze the impact of the two devices on the market, we have to wait for what will change the earnings of the second quarter of Samsung next year.

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