LG’s new patent packs a smartphone with a 16-inch camera module

LG’s new patent offers smartphone development with the 16-inch camera module by LG. The main camera of the smartphone will have unique features.

Many years ago, smartphones were introduced to the market, which lacked a camera. But these days we see the introduction of smartphones with dual, triple, and even quad-core cameras.

Apparently, the process of adding the number of lenses to the smartphone makers is unlikely. Although the process of adding a camera lens to the smartphone is slowly followed up on the market, we’re definitely approaching a period where Trypophobia, or fear of asymmetric holes, will hit users and there will be situations where users cannot look at their smartphone.


Earlier news of the Nokia smartphone was announced with five cameras. Nokia 9 was featured with a five-camera main camera. When the introduction of the smartphone was introduced for the first time with the Pentax camera, the issue was new to the users and it was strange, but it became normal over time. It might be interesting to know that the new patent of the LG gives you a smartphone with a 16-inch camera module. Yes, you did it right; 16 cameras only on a smartphone!

LG has filed a new patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which announces the development of a smartphone with 16 lenses. The news is revealed by LetsGoDigital, suggesting that the main camera of the LG smartphone will have 16 lenses with different focal lengths and different feature. At a glance, you might imagine that the use of the 16 lenses for a smartphone’s camera is really high, but according to the explanation found in the patented patent, it seems that the use of the 16 lenses is unreasonable, and LG intends to feature Enhanced with this camera lens number.


For example, with just one tapping, all 16 cameras take the subject at the same time, and the user can choose the desired and desired image from the taken pictures. If the user takes a wide-angle view from a beautiful perspective, it’s surely able to do this with the 16 lenses. Given that the lenses of the cameras have a different focal length; the user can take ultra-beautiful images from natural landscapes.

Now users can capture hundreds of smartphones with their smartphones, and the new LG solution can add significant features to the capabilities in the near future.

Certainly, one of the features we will see in the 16-inch camera module is the recording of portraits with different image depths. Undoubtedly, users can change the focus of the image and make good portraits for their tastes. With regard to patent information, users are expected to combine parts of the image captured by different lenses. Ultimately, users can take the final picture with their own edits, given that they have multiple images from different camera lenses.

Maybe you’re wondering what the Salafi camera is doing and what changes will we see in the LG Selfie Camera? Does LG have a single lens for a Salafi camera or does it come up with another solution? Definitely, LG does not design the designer to hurt the 16-inch smartphone module and question it. Users can take selfie pictures with the help of a small mirror from the same 16-megapixel rear camera


LG’s patents illustrate how small the mirror is used. The use of mirrors seems to be different ideas. Though taking selfies at the point where the user can see himself on the phone’s display, taking a selfie shot with the new LG idea is a completely different emotional creation for the user and, of course, the user cannot see himself in the mirror accurately, but it is possible to take a picture The Salafi has 16 camera lenses, which can be exciting for some users.
LG is working on introducing new solutions to its smartphone camera. Given the fact that various companies have introduced the camera lens with the ability to capture wide images, it is not surprising, then, that LG intends to go the same way and wants to get better photos with more lenses in its camera module.

At the moment there is a portable camera with 16 lenses and sensors on the market. The camera is Light 16, which allows users to take 52-megapixel images and edit images in a variety of ways. Of course, this camera does not have the size and size of a smartphone and certainly does not fit in the pocket of the user. Innovative technologies are moving in the direction of introducing smaller and weaker products to the market.

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