New ZTE Patent: Use the cavity in the display for the speakerphone

ZTE has recently registered a new patent for one of its upcoming phones, with a hole in the top of the screen for the speakerphone.

Smartphone makers in order to build full-screen phones should minimize margins around the display of their products, which was subject to limitations. Still, no company has been able to bring the selfie/speaker camera and some of the sensors on the front of the phone to the bottom of the screen and produce a truly unobtrusive product. As a result, companies have been using cuts in their product display so that their hands will have a larger proportion of the display to the body, selfie and other front-facing equipment.

However, some users have always been a cut above the display hatred. For this reason, some companies were thinking of a solution and introduced new ideas. For example, Oppo announced the Find X with a slider design for the Salafi Duran, and others decided to create cavity screens.

The latest ZTE -related patent claims the company’s special effort to avoid cutting. So far, phones with a hole in the display have not been officially manufactured, but Samsung and Lenovo, and recently Huawei, have announced plans to launch such products in the near future.

Apparently, ZTE is also looking to build a handset with a cavity display, but it intends to use this cavity not for the selfie camera, but for the front speaker. Of course, we should not forget that Huawei had already done such an initiative.

The new ZTE patent claims that the company is looking to build a smartphone with few margins, and intends to create a rectangular cavity in the upper part of the display for the speaker to compensate for the lack of a crop. There is no sound from the camera’s selfie camera, which can be analyzed in two ways: the new ZTE phone, like the Nubia X, does not have a selfie camera, or the camera is placed beneath the display.

Unlike camera holes (like Samsung’s Infinity-O display), speaker cavities are still in the patent registration phase and their use in the phone’s display is not officially approved. In each case, certainly, devices with a circular hollow display for a Salafi camera will soon be available for handsets that have a rectangular hole for the speaker.

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