Phone innovations in 2019

It looks like the smartphone market is hotter than ever before, and technology giants around the world are looking to implement new innovations in the product, which has now become an integral part of everyday life.

According to Gizmag, for a year, flagship handsets from the world’s top brands are a notch, but nothing has been left by the end of 2018 and everyone is waiting for new innovations in 2019.

  • 5G handsets


While you may be trying to reach 4G or LTE speeds, the 5G is coming. While the 5G network infrastructure is still in its early stages of development, cellphone makers are seriously planning to use it at their 2019 flagships.

Even if it’s not possible to receive a 5G signal within the next 12 months, seeing this sticker on the box of new smartphones means that this device will guarantee the future. So manufacturers are keen to equip their products with 5G technology.

In fact, most major names like OnePlus, Samsung, Sony and Huawei have confirmed that they will introduce 5G technology in 2019. Apple and Google have not yet announced it, but they are unlikely to join this queue soon.

When the phones are equipped with this technology and the infrastructure is also available, loading and loading speeds (download and upload) may even be even hundreds of times faster, and will also create more capacity on the network. So when you’re in a busy place like a sports stadium, the antenna and the network are not confronted.

  • Flexible handsets


Flexible phones in 2019 will definitely be offered and developed at high prices. Last week Samsung presented a prototype of such a telephone. Samsung will not be alone, because CEO Huawei’s Richard Yu told Mate 20 that the company will also focus on a flexible phone and release during 2019.

While LG has not yet officially announced, the latest inventions show that the company is also working on this technology. Clearly, the main advantage of this technology is a large screen and the experience of the phone and tablet at the same time.
Of course, we do not talk about two hinged screens in the middle, but talking about the integrated display that really bends.

  • More camera lenses


With the development of smartphones last year, manufacturers seem to think of the idea of a multiplicity of camera lenses as a major leap. First came the dual camera, then the triple and quad camera went on sale and next year we could even expect beyond them. It’s already clear that Nokia is working to introduce the Pentax camera on its phone, and yesterday it was heard from LG that it wants to launch a phone with 16 cameras.

But what about all these extra lenses? In fact, due to the lack of physical depth in smartphone technology, adding features such as optical zoom, background straightening, anti-shake, and HDR reconstruction are better when combined with data from multiple lenses instead of just one or two lenses.

  • Development of artificial intelligence


If you pay close attention to the phones introduced in 2018, this is by no means surprising, because artificial intelligence now plays an important role in flagship handsets.

As we spend the year 2019, it is expected to become larger and larger. The 2019 handsets will be able to maximize your productivity and work without your help.

Most advanced processor chips now have dedicated components for artificial intelligence calculations. This means that they can do tasks that are special for machine learning.

For example, they can detect dogs or cats in a photo or they can clean the voice of the user from others. This, in turn, means that your phone does not need to download this type of diagnostic work from the cloud, so you will get faster results and the device responds instantly.

With this technology, you can take Augmented Reality photos with a camera phone.

There will surely be a lot of advancement in the software, because Google’s smart assistant, Siri, Bikers, and other smart assistants will be smarter.

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