Redmi K30 5G

In today Redmi K30 5G is priced at CNY 1,999 (roughly Rs. 20,100) for the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage option, CNY 2,299 (roughly Rs. 23,100) for the 6GB RAM + 128GB storage option, CNY 2,599 (roughly Rs.26,100 ) for the 8GB RAM + 128GB storage option, and CNY 2,899 (roughly Rs. 29,100) for the […]

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

In a comment under a post about the Mi 9 Pro, Lin Bin replied to a fan saying that the upcoming Mi 10 Pro will in fact be the successor to the Mi 9 Pro. While there is still no other info on the next Mi flagship, this is the first official confirmation we’ve seen. […]

goodbye to windows 7

Microsoft say ,Windows 7 was released almost ten years ago. Those are human years; in technology years that is roughly the length of the Mesozoic era, when dinosaurs ruled the earth.There’s no crisis. You’re not required to throw away your Windows 7 computers tomorrow. I understand that you’re comfortable and you don’t want to change […]

Smart toothbrush

Taking care of your smile is one of the best ways to make yourself look and feel younger. With our teeth at the centre of our smiles, they are often the first thing that new acquaintances notice. Opting for great dental care can ensure there are no tooth problems in your future while also giving […]

Self-Assembled Hybrid Drug for Safe Passage

In today, The combination of lipids and peptides as the materials of the vesicles allows them to both securely carry onto their cargo, while being thermoresponsive, allowing for targeted and controlled drug delivery. While it may seem difficult to create complex 3D structures from different molecular materials while encapsulating a drug, the Japanese researchers were […]

GPS inside your body

Medical processes like imaging often require cutting someone open or making them swallow huge tubes with cameras on them. But what if could get the same results with methods that are less expensive, invasive and time-consuming? Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) are working on exactly that with ReMix, a system […]

What’s Coming for Construction

Last week’s bauma Media Dialog was a good introduction into what is coming to the show in April—and this is just the beginning. A bevy of announcements demonstrate how equipment and technology are evolving, leading to a smarter, safer, and more productive jobsite. Productivity in Extreme Temperatures Consider the example of Cleanfix. Company founder Ludwig […]

New Era and Rail Construction

Technology continues to advance alongside it, especially considering the need for safety on the railways. The ASCE even says that rail accidents and derailments are down nearly 50% in the last decade. Many initiatives are underway to further improve safety, such as the federal government’s interest in PTC (positive train control), which is signal technology […]

Semtech’s LoRa Technology for Buildings

Semtech’s LoRa Technology for Buildings Semtech Corporation announced that YoSmart, a high-tech enterprise company focused on smart home and life products, is integrating Semtech’s LoRa® devices and wireless technology into its new line of products for enterprise and commercial smart building Internet of Things (IoT) applications. “YoSmart provides large buildings like campuses and hotels with […]