If you enjoy from intercommunicate with different individuals and trip is your goal this job could to be good for you.
When the airplane was developed and it was used widely for trading, transportation and trip affairs, many more jobs were created that one of them was stewardess.
Stewardess is crew at airplane who is utilizes by airlines for ensuring safety and welfare passengers at business flights and also at elite ceremonial jets. Task of Stewardess is help to passengers that they having well trip, safe and pleasurable. In other word, Stewardess after pilot has the most responsibility at an air flight.
Stewardess should know foreign languages. Of course ratio and quality about subject matter conditions; it was seen differences among airlines. Stewardess should be flexible and decisive when different passengers communicate with her. Good communicate skills and ability for doing works when a team specifies her works is very important in this job.
Stewardess should be well groomed and neat and her appearance should be clean limbed and applicative body shape and she should wear uniform vestments related to that airline
Stewardess should have appropriate strength with respect strength body because she should to be stand at many hours at 24 hours and/or she forced to walk at small spaces. Often inappropriate air conditions at airplane harden these qualifications.

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