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Platform provides a level of abstraction between machines and humans, who must get useful work out of them.
Inventing the platform was like inventing the power loom or the printing press. It was a way to separate the creative effort from rote production. I’ve gone so far as to say that the platform-based CRM system has become a big demonstration project for the platform.
On a more prosaic level, one of the things that platform is proving to be very good at is providing an engagement layer on top of older and more rigid systems of record. Older systems are really good at storing data, but not necessarily at telling us what the data means — its information content. We still talk too much about data — about the orange when what we crave is the juice.
Social Determinants of Health. I’m not completely sure how this works, but it looks like a way of capturing a broader data set on patients — like economic status, ability to drive or access transportation, and ability to read and understand the treatment instructions we all go home with these days. These are things not typically captured in the conventional medical record, but without them, it will be hard to raise the bar on treatment success rates.
Mobile-First In-Home Care Collaboration. This looks much like an application of field service management to patients, and it uses Field Service Lightning for Health Cloud to do the job. As many CRM people know, successful field service is all about bringing resources to bear at a remote location, but that means much more than having a well-stocked truck or toolbox.
Personalized Patient Journeys. As you might expect, this one brings in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to apply journey mapping and execution. Simply put, any treatment situation, from recovering from surgery to managing diabetes, has a predictable trajectory — but individuals might not always stay on their trajectories. A wound might get infected, or someone’s blood sugar might be hard to stabilize, but even those exceptions can be built into a journey map along with standardized care regimens.
All of this brings into sharp relief the issue of containing healthcare costs. Unlike almost any other industry you can name — other than education, which has a lot in common with healthcare — costs have remained stubbornly high and have continued to escalate. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Anything that can be manufactured eventually can achieve benefits from economies of scale, but healthcare and education are not manufactured.
There comes a time in every mobile developer’s workflow when their clients’ ecommerce site is earning, but their CRM and ecommerce offering needs to improve. This often means transforming strategic platform goals into process goals, so that fresh, data-driven practices can be implemented, tracked and eventually – analyzed for functional software enhancements. A customer relationship management SMS is a method of connecting or reaching out to customers, to provide them with a measurable service. This specifically targets certain goals in CRM that are always part of a quality CRM strategy. For any CRM in ecommerce practice to succeed you need to hit on certain goals. These ‘ultimate’ goals help explain why the medium of text messaging fits with CRM.
High level of customer service
Lower operating costs
Attainment of usable data for marketing
Account management
Incentive administration
Customer experience tracking, cross-selling, retention and more!
CRM text solutions are a vastly underutilized method of checking nearly all of the boxes when building an effective CRM solution. A quick glance up to the goals I listed above, and they reveal some interesting patterns.

A customer relationship management SMS or CRM SMS for short, has incredible value where customer management is concerned. Not only are text messages low cost, but they can be automated – further lowering your time investment. As a supportive CRM tool, these texts perform many crucial functions that assist in maintaining a particular level of customer service, experience, and satisfaction. From sent product tracking alerts, customer loyalty texts and free incentives (coupons), to account detail management – SMS ties together your CRM strategy for incredible results.

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