Iran carpets

Iran carpets
Art of Iran in west world is well known and was very famous with Iranian carpet during last centuries. Iranian carpets had dominant role in life decorations and with respect it had abundant attraction for emissaries and foreign tourists, and they were saying always from 15th century in their countries and often they were saying from it with very appraisement. In addition, Iranian carpet was the best gift which travelers could bring with themselves easily. Beauty and magnificence these gifts showed invaluableness and scorn related to western carpets at first look.
East world carpets were traded from medial centuries such as other goods in trading in minimum and it added to personal properties of the healthy and nobles people in 14th and 15th centuries and also it west painters were paid attention to them. But these carpets mainly were provided from near east which these countries were more near to Europe. Other point in this affair was this eastern carpets in Europe were woven from wool and they had some colors that specified and their design and pattern were rigid less and more and these carpets have not brightness and delicacy and delightful related to Iranian carpets that they were woven with hands. Even carpets from Cairo (Capital Egypt) which the best carpets of them were elites, they from Jozopha Barbaro (Venetian missionary was came Iran at Uzun Hasan Ağ Qoyunlu) have not resplendence against Iranian glorious carpets and western tourists don’t pay attention to them, he was paid attention to Iranian carpets which those carpets caused the eyes of this missionary glazed and praised them.

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