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We are proud that you are a visitor to this website. This text announces our general policy for the privacy of users.

Methods and procedures for protecting the private information of users:

general information

This information includes items that are specific to each user and can help users identify the site in a unique way. For example, the name, address, email, telephone number and other information that is not normally available to the general public can be mentioned. When using the website, the user may be asked to enter some information. Information requested for purposes only (for example, a request to register a place in Google Mail) will be used when requesting to enter that information or in accordance with this privacy policy.


The user should be aware that information and data may be collected automatically by using cookies. “Cookies” are small text files that a website can use to identify returnees, to monitor behaviors, to collect general information to promote the website and to specify the direction of advertising. Cookies do not join the user’s system and do not harm your files. If users are not willing to collect their information through the use of cookies, most browsers can easily accept or reject the cookie feature easily.

Third-party cookies

In some cases, the site uses cookies provided by reputable and trusted companies. We will discuss each of them below.

Google analytics

This site uses Google Analytics as one of the most widely used Web analytics tools. This tool helps us know how you work when you use our site to improve our site’s performance. These cookies store information that contains the following in your browser, and informs us of its final statistics:

The length of time you were on our site, Pages from our site that you have opened, the phrase you searched for and found on our site, Device Type (Computer / Mobile / Tablet) and Operating System (Windows, Android, Mac, etc.) used to browse our website, and gives us such information.

Note that none of this information will result in an identification of the user. For more information, visit the Google Analytics main site or pages like Wikipedia’s Google Analytics.

Disclosure of user information

Your site does not rent, sell, or share your information except in the following cases:

If you violate the Terms and Conditions of the Services, and if there is a private plaintiff of your performance, your information will be made available to law enforcement agencies.

If the authorities request your information for any reason on our site, this information will be provided to them.

Linked Sites

Our site may have links to other websites (link sites). Linked sites are not monitored by our site and we are not responsible for them. You should note that the personal information you send to link sites is not subject to our Privacy Policy and I strongly advise you to know about their privacy policy and security policies.

Changes in these policies

Our site has the right to make changes at any time without notice in the text of this policy. Although it is tried to notify all users of the changes through email, users are obliged to make changes to this text by continuous reference, if they oppose it, request to disconnect their service or leave our site and Do not visit it. Otherwise, all possible consequences will be borne by users.

Questions and suggestions

If you have questions or suggestions for modifying or improving these policies, please contact us.