Anopheles mosquitoes

Anopheles mosquitoes People get malaria from Anopheles mosquitoes that themselves are infected with a protozoan parasite called Plasmodium . The mosquitoes do have immune systems. But the parasite has figured out how to get past the mosquito’s defenses. So researchers at Johns Hopkins University Malaria Research Institute are trying to help people—by pumping up the […]

Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro

Xiaomi has Introduced its new Mi 10 series of smartphones. Xiaomi Mi 10 despite the difficulties due to the coronavirus, he was presented together with his older brother Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. A series of others have also been announced with them products they can or can’t do winning combination together with smartphones.Both Mi 10 […]

SHoP Architects’ skinny New York tower

SHoP Architects’ skinny New York tower Photos taken by Andrew Campbell Nelson show the residential tower as construction completes on its third setback – one of a series designed by New York firm SHoP to gradually narrow the already svelte structure towards the top.The milestone means that 111 West 57th has surpassed a height of […]

world’s largest airport passenger terminal in Beijing

world’s largest airport passenger terminal in Beijing The Beijing New Airport Terminal Building will be located on the opposite side of the city from Beijing’s existing Capital Airport, which was completed in 2008 by Foster + Partners but is already exceeding its planned capacity – despite being one of the biggest airports in the world. […]

This massage surprise you

This massage surprise you Massage is one of causing comparative calmness and it is use for annihilate boredom. Many of individuals attending in massage classrooms. Because china is very strange country, interesting work was occurred in one of this country where it name is Sichuan that caused many people surprised. In this massage, eyes were […]

Iran carpets

Iran carpets Art of Iran in west world is well known and was very famous with Iranian carpet during last centuries. Iranian carpets had dominant role in life decorations and with respect it had abundant attraction for emissaries and foreign tourists, and they were saying always from 15th century in their countries and often they […]


Stewardess! If you enjoy from intercommunicate with different individuals and trip is your goal this job could to be good for you. When the airplane was developed and it was used widely for trading, transportation and trip affairs, many more jobs were created that one of them was stewardess. Stewardess is crew at airplane who […]

The Apple PC

I am sure that insiders will forgive me when I calla computer from the Apple company a PC. Appleenthusiasts and IBM users sometimes seem to befighting a nearly religious war, but in fact an Applecomputer is a personal computer. It is of noimportance that the company designed itscomputers without any regard for the standardswhich were […]