how Smart Home helps to cope with climate change

This infographic shows how Smart Home helps to cope with climate change. Perhaps it’s a bit distant to be the smart home to tackle climate change, but do not forget that the smart home of the future goes beyond a simple e-manual for an ideal human life, energy reduction and the use of fossil fuels design. Will revolutionize the design of the smart home, which is late in the industry.

Future smart house on climate change

In the following sections of the Intelligent Smart Home Infographics are:

  1. The heat pumps are installed for the purpose of extracting the natural heat from outside and used to warm the smart home and its water.
  2. Solar panels provide a large part of the smart home energy needs, without causing environmental pollution.
  3. An intelligent refrigerator is installed that dynamically reacts to wider use of energy in the national electricity grid. The refrigerator turns its energy off in response to more energy demand, so it can save energy by keeping food healthy. The cameras installed inside it allow the inhabitants of the house to check the contents of the house without opening the refrigerator inside the refrigerator.
  4. The house has a smart clothes dryer, which uses a heat pump to produce hot air. The way it works is to reduce energy consumption by as much as 60% compared with conventional firefighters.
  5. Advanced windows use sensors to adjust the shade based on temperature and daylight hours, saving energy in the sun, as well as modulating the heat.
  6. The home-based lighting system automatically reduces the electrical brightness based on the amount of light in the room and turns off the lights when not in use.
  7. The hybrid battery saves the energy from solar panels during an energy surplus to reduce its energy drainage and, therefore, has a steady and stable supply of electricity for residents throughout the day.

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