Everything you need to know about Samsung DeX

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with a DeX Deacon that delivers the experience of a desktop system. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 unveiled. The two phones are equipped with an attractive and functional device that can be desirable for a large number of users of Android products. Many users were expecting the ability to […]

MacBook Air 2018

The Apple MacBook Air’s 2018 website is considered a laptop by the company, which, despite the new features, delivers high-endurance and high portability. After a long wait, the company finally unveiled a new generation of MacBook Air with a lot of updates during Apple’s hardware rally on November 8th. The MacBook Air 2018 has changed […]

HP introduced its new all in one computer with the support of Alexa’s voice assistant

HP introduced a new integrated computer (ALT) with support for Alexa’s voice assistant and attractive features. These days, the Amazon audio assistant, Alexa has penetrated anywhere, and now, HP has been one of the great makers of personal computers, who has been using this assistant in its latest build. HP today unveiled a new all […]

How to use the voice command in Windows 10?

Updating the autumn release of Windows 10 Creators makes it easier to use voice commands. You can use the voice command on the keyboard just by pressing the Windows key and H. It’s not necessary to do any specific settings for this task through the control panel. The old speech recognition tool is still accessible […]