HP introduced its new all in one computer with the support of Alexa’s voice assistant

HP introduced a new integrated computer (ALT) with support for Alexa’s voice assistant and attractive features.

These days, the Amazon audio assistant, Alexa has penetrated anywhere, and now, HP has been one of the great makers of personal computers, who has been using this assistant in its latest build. HP today unveiled a new all in one computer that uses a curved 34-inch screen. The screen is lined up on a large base, covered with a speaker, and is responsible for audio playback; the light blue on that base also announces the activation of the Amazon Smart Assistant.

The Envy Curved aio updated computer version does not have a different design from its predecessor, introduced last year. The only changes to the device’s hardware specification are, for example, the body of this device is made of synthetic wood. However, the lack of changes in this generation is not necessarily a minutia for the device; HP has used good design for this device, built-in high-definition speakers, has a wireless charging capability, and all, More importantly, the Envy Curved AiO webcam will only appear at the top of the device when it’s needed, which in addition to the security issue, provides a beautiful look to the device.


Because the integrated computers are always connected to an electricity source and work for a long time a day, making the voice assistant look even more like these. However, there is also a negative point about Envy Curved AiO. Unfortunately, HP does not have any buttons for silent mode; hence, there’s no easy way to disable Alexa’s voice assistant.

With regard to the fact that HP has not said anything about the price and time of the device, it is not expected to be available until the very last months of this year. The Envy Curved AiO is likely to start at a starting price of $ 1,000, including a 27-inch version, without a curved screen and Alexa’s voice assistant.


In addition to the above, HP unveiled several other Envy series products. Laptop Envy 13, Envy x360 13, Envy x360 13, Envy 17 Laptop are among the other products that were unveiled today. The Envy 13 and Envy 17 will be shipped with the 8th generation of Intel processors, but the Envy x360 13 will be the only version that will use the Epic Adventures processor. With regard to the above, now the Envy line of production produces high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-end computers that target people with lower financial budgets but target professional needs.

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