The next move on mobile phones, a selfie camera inside the display

These days, creators of the handset are looking to eliminate margins and produce unmarked smartphones more than ever. They will see the next step in the evolution and future of the smartphone design in the edge-to-edge panels.

The results of this view are the production of smartphones with a notch crop in the screen. An unfortunate event that unfortunately came to be made into a new wave among the phone brands from the most famous to the most beloved ones.

Now, smartphone designers are working on a number of new ideas and solutions for the future. One solution is to embed the camera at the bottom of the screen. Some rumors of making a few phones in the future have been announced.

Another approach is the design of the camera as a pop-up, which is first hidden inside the body of the device and is quickly used up when the camera app is turned on. Currently, the Nex S is designed in this way, and some rumors of Huawei’s and Xiaomi’s design are still evident.
But in the meantime, another interesting solution has been raised: “camera island”

Camera inside the display panel


Some rumors say Huawei is working on the design of the phone, that camera is a hole in the screen. That is, the camera is located inside the display panel.

The camera is likely to be on the top of the screen, but we no longer see any lens around the lens. The camera is like an island surrounded by a panel.

We still do not know what the rumors about the Huawei camera are with the camera’s built-in panel, but the approach taken can be appealing. The design of the camera as an island in the display panel seems to be a new evolutionary stage for future smartphones.

Smartphones with pop-up cameras Although they were very clean and beautifully designed and implemented, they used a lot of mechanical parts; Over time, there will be a lot of downtimes. For this reason, it does not seem to be a serious approach to the design of the future smartphone, and it can be imagined that Samsung and Apple will unveil smartphones with pop-up cameras.

Which one of the Salafi camera design approaches will come to mind in the future, and will we see its widespread use on the next smartphone?

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